Charmaine Farrugia RN

I am a registered nurse both in Ontario and Michigan since 2004.

I am a Certified Scalp Micropigmentation Technician.

My background as an RN gives me a solid medical approach to SMP due to a thorough understanding of the skin and scalp, the many different skin types and skin conditions that people have as well as a comprehensive understanding of the healing process one undergoes after the tattooing process. SMP is the perfect way for me to blend my artistic talents with my medical background and help both men and women experiencing all levels of thinning and / or balding regain their youthful look once more. Welcome to a NewYou!


David Dunn

I have experienced balding firsthand. I started losing my hair around the age of 24 and searched everywhere for a safe and permanent solution. 8 years ago I first came across SMP on the internet but it was still in its infancy. With much investigation and research I finally made the commitment and had the procedure done. It was the best decision I could have ever made and I haven’t looked back since! I wanted to help others with the same experience of hair loss and bring a personal touch to the business. Having had the procedure done myself I am able to walk the client through all aspect of the SMP process. I understand all the reservations and fears one can have but I also know the confidence it gives you back. It is a life-changer!

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Very efficient, dedicated service by the staff at Eternal Image INC. I am able to get a bit of my life back with this procedure. No more hair concealers or ball caps to hide my problem. Shop was very clean and felt very comfortable. Everything was done to meet my needs. Thank you Eternal Image for a job well done!!

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